About us

The Property Shop is a recent brand, real estate company, working with management and sales market as a vast experience over 15 years combined .


With a standard of seriousness in providing the best real estate services, seeking to do business efficiently, thus providing reassurance to customers.


Originally created for holiday lettings , over the years  has widened its performance to other market segments, including residential real estate , commercial, property management, and all needs relate to the process of acquiring, letting or managing a property  .


Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge to suggest the best alternatives. Furthermore, we have a  computerized system, which allows greater flexibility in searching and associating property profiles to customer requests.


We also work we several partners to maximise the property choice for  our clients


From golden visas to mortgages and lettings we provide you with a complete personalized service.


Kind Regards The Property Shop.


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